1900, January 1     Bessie is born in Russia

1901                           The Rotter family immigrates to Milwaukee

1909                          Three of Bessie’s brothers enter the Cleveland Jewish Orphan  Asylum

1910, September   Bessie enters the Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum

1910, November    Frieda Rotter, Bessie’s mother, dies

1912                           Abe Rotter, Bessie’s youngest brother, enters the Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum at age 5.

1916                           Bessie’s high school graduation, Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum

1917-22                     Lives at Martha House, Cleveland, OH

1920’s                        Bessie moves to Chicago

1925                           George Rotter, Bessie’s father, dies

1933                            Max Rotter, Bessie’s brother, dies

1985, December      Sam Rotter, Bessie’s brother, dies

1990, May                  Peter Rotter, Bessie’s brother, dies

1998, May                  Albert (Abe) Rotter, Bessie’s brother, dies

2002                            Bessie’s affairs start to be overseen by the Cook County Public Guardian’s Office.

2002-3?                     Moves to Kingsley Place, an assisted living facility, Chicago, IL

2004-5?                     Moves to Lieberman Center in Skokie, IL

2008, November 11     Bessie passes away


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